PowerGen directly undertakes all activities related to development, construction, and operation of micro-grids

Our ability to take on all elements of the micro-grid value chain makes us unique in the region, and has enabled us to become the leading micro-utility company in the region by sites built (over 40).  Read more about our story and our vision for the Energy System of the Future in Africa.

PowerGen’s vertical service offerings for micro-grid development, construction, and operation include:

  • Site acquisition
    • GIS
    • Databases
    • Site surveying
  • Customer acquisition
    • Demand assessments
    • Community engagement
  • Engineering
    • Power system design
    • Distribution network design
  • Procurement and logistics of hardware
  • Fabrication of hybrid power assets in East Africa
  • Installation
  • Technology integration
    • Smart metering
    • Two-way SMS customer communication
    • Mobile money integration
  • Customer training
  • Ongoing customer support
  • Ongoing technical operations and maintenance